"All Miracle"
A Four Volume Series of Poetry
Elizabeth Rooney

Elizabeth RooneySo few words, so much said, and with such clarity and grace.
A Reader

Elizabeth Rooney lived as she wrote her poetry, discovering the love of God in the concrete realities of her life everyday.
Jack Fortin, Executive Director
Center for Lifelong Learning
Luther Seminary
St. Paul, MN

For years only Emily Dickinson and Amy Carmichael among women poets gave me the heart pain that poetry ought to give like someone with a spade getting close to things inside never yet uncovered and articulated. Then Luci Shaw began writing and the spade dug deep. And now, that earthwoman with wings, Elizabeth Rooney, is digging as well.
Winifred Couchman
Poet, Author of Don't Call Me Spry

EschatonI saw the world end yesterday!A flight of angels toreIts cover off and Heaven layWhere earth had been before.I walked about the countrysideAnd saw a cricket pass.Then, bending closer, I espiedAn ecstasy of grass.8/17/78

What a joy to discover a new American poet! Elizabeth Rooney's lyrical celebration of nature renews the spirit and gives wings to the heart.
Tim Crosby
Author, A Passion for Prayer

Elizabeth Rooney's poems continue to speak with the same clarity, simplicity and strength that her friends and readers have come to value so highly. Her verses, like her life, are powerful because they are focused on the extraordinary, ordinary way the incarnate God of love is present in the seasons, as He is in every event of our daily lives, our very human existence. Love breathes through these poems, and a light that is both heavenly and earthly
Luci Shaw
Author of Water My Soul, Writing the River and
The Angles of Light

There aren't many material things I want these days, but a book of Elizabeth Rooney's poetry is one.
A Reader

Yellow ConeflowerElizabeth Rooney knew how deeply the human soul yearnsfor its sacred, wild Lover. But she also knew the heart of God, and each line of her poetry reveals that she spent most of her time there.
Dr. M. Craig Barnes
Pastor of National Presbyterian Church,
Washington, D.C.
Author, Sacred Thirst

Elizabeth Rooney's poems remind us that the simplest gifts of our ordinary lives are filled with the 'grandeur of God.'
Peronne-Marie Thibert, V.H.M.
Translator of Francis de Sales, Jane de Chantal:
Letters of Spiritual Direction

Elizabeth Rooney's verse reveals her rich and constantly growing friendship with God.
This lyrical walk with her through the four seasons is a journey you'll want to take again and again.

John Bibee
Author of 'The Spirit Flyer Series'

Elizabeth Rooney ties our everyday life to paradise and helps us know the connection between yellow school buses and sacred mystery. 'Something within us trembles'as we recognize our deeper selves in her poetry.

Phoebe Griswold,
Wife of the Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold,
Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

Winter snowThere is a refreshing immediacy of the Spirit to Elizabeth Rooney's work. Whatever season of the soul I might experience, her words never fail to offer the sunlight glint of hope.
Joy Sawyer
Author of Dancing to the Heartbeat of
Redemption and The Art of the Soul.

I first came to know Elizabeth Rooney her through a prayer circle; I came to love her through her poetry. Hear your voiceless thoughts and longings in Elizabeth's lyric and find a friend who speaks true.

Rev. Kristin Smoot
Dean of Spiritual Formation
Eastern Baptist Theological Seminar